At $6000, the Google Jamboard is clearly aimed at enterprise customers who want a unified real-time collaboration solution. However, the more interesting collaboration software that runs on the 55-inch 4K touchscreen will also be available through companion iOS phone and tablet apps.

The Jamboard is integrated with the Google’s various cloud services and allows for Docs, Sheets, and Slides to be easily placed on a board. Annotations, notes, and other drawings are automatically uploaded to Google Drive for later access and editing. With a built-in browser, users can easily add pictures and other content from the web to the board.

Besides live collaboration with other Jamboards, smartphone and tablet apps allow teammates to work remotely while seeing and making additions to the board.

Specifically, Google tells us that “the tablet app has the same UI as the Jamboard” and that “people can use the companion app from numerous devices (smartphones, tablets) and still jam/collaborate.” Smartphones will be able to view and input data, while the iPad app will have access to all the editing tools available on the Jamboard.

The real-time collaboration features are quite reminiscent of Google Wave, but appear to be much friendlier and simpler to use. To learn more about the hardware, other software features, and availability of the Jamboard, head over to 9to5Google

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