Aside from the size, one of the biggest differences between the 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro models with Touch Bar is the much beefier graphics on the larger machine. While the 13-inch versions have only Intel integrated graphics, the 15-inch models additionally have AMD Radeon Pro discrete GPUs.


But some 15-inch models are apparently claiming to have higher-spec Intel GPUs also. MacRumors reports that some readers are finding System Information displaying ‘Intel Iris Pro Graphics 580’ instead of the 530 variant actually fitted.

While it’s not absolutely impossible for component shortages to lead to Apple silently fitting higher-spec parts to machines, it seems virtually impossible here given that the 580 version is only available in much more power-hungry processors – and there are two further clues in this case that it’s a simple software glitch.

First, none of those whose machines are reporting the more powerful GPU are seeing any actual difference in performance. Second, some note that System Info switches between reporting a 530 or 580 depending on whether they are running on battery or mains.

So almost certainly no free upgrades here: just a reporting glitch.

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