With most juries still out on whether the MacBook Pro Touch Bar will turn out to be a genuinely useful feature or just a gimmick, one iOS developer may not be helping to answer the question … Facebook engineer Adam Bell has managed to run the classic shoot ’em up game Doom entirely on the Touch Bar.


Doom is often used as a test of just what can be done with low-end hardware. With a display just 60 pixels high, the Touch Bar version isn’t going to pass any usability tests, but the game does run.

If you’re looking to use your Touch Bar for slightly more practical purposes, we recently did a round-up of the best third-party apps supporting it right now or soon. These include Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Pixelmator, 1Password and Parallels. A handy color picker has been added since.

A further question is whether the Touch Bar will remain exclusive to the MacBook Pro or whether a Magic Keyboard version might allow use with other Macs – with renders showing what it might look like. There’s as yet been no word from Apple on this.

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