Satechi has created a new multi-port charger than can simultaneously refuel multiple smartphones and even Apple Watch or Fitbit Blaze. Satechi’s new Smart Charging Stand retails for $34.99 and comes in three colors: gold, silver (pictured), and space gray. The real trick is how the lid can change to work with different wearables or smartphones while neatly tucking away cords within the base.

Smart Charging Stand features up to four USB-A ports in total. Three are externally facing on the front of Smart Charging Stand, while the fourth exists inside and powers the top port which is interchangeable.

Satechi says Smart Charging Stand intelligently decides which devices to prioritize when charging simultaneously too:

Equipped with Smart Charging Technology, Power and Voltage Boost combine to charge up to 5V/2.4A max per port, for a total of 6 Amps. Satechi’s Smart Charging Stand automatically detects each port’s plugged in device, providing the fastest and most efficient charge possible for each device, without delay.

The lid that tops the base fits three different adapters too. You can have the fourth USB port on top be a dedicated smartphone charger by bringing your own Lightning, micro USB, or USB-C charging cable, or use the top of the base to charge your Apple Watch or Fitbit Blaze with either adapter.


You still supply your own charging cable compared to dedicated docks with integrated charging connectors.

The height of Smart Charging Stand allows you to tuck whichever cable you use for the top position neatly inside too so you have an all-in-one station. Smart Charging Stand connects to any wall outlet to drive power to the four USB ports.


Overall, Smart Charging Stand looks like a handy solution for anyone juggling with charging multiple smartphones and the wearable charger choice adds to the convenience. I could see this being especially useful as a hotel room charging solution.

Satechi Smart Charging Stand is available for $34.99 starting today.

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