A poll of 9to5Mac readers has revealed the things you love and hate about the new MacBook Pro. Interestingly, the headline feature of the new model – the Touch Bar – didn’t make it into the top three most popular elements, only coming in fifth.

The most-loved features were Touch ID, improved display and the smaller form-factor, while the most hated ones were the price, the loss of MagSafe and the all-USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports …


Other popular features were the large Force Touch trackpad, the choice of Silver or Space Gray, louder speakers, 2nd-gen butterfly keyboard and PCIe SSDs in capacities up to 2TB.

Other unpopular ones were CPU & GPU options – some feeling Apple should have waited for Kaby Lake – and battery-life. While we limited the poll to 16 features to keep things manageable, some in the comments felt we should have offered even more options: the loss of physical Escape key and RAM being limited to 16GB were other things people would have added to the ‘hate’ column.

Unsurprisingly, the port controversy played a major role in the comments, with views split between those who felt that it was ridiculous to describe USB 3.0 as a legacy standard when it was by far the most common port in use today, while others felt that it was silly to make a fuss about spending a few bucks more on replacing a handful of USB-A cables with USB-C versions or adapters.

While I personally tend to favor longer battery-life over slimmer devices, the poll made it clear that I’m in the minority, more than twice as many people loving the smaller, slimmer form factor as hating the battery-life.

Although the debate will undoubtedly continue for some time yet, Apple is likely to be happy enough with sales, both its own statements and independent data suggesting that the new machines are a huge hit. How much of this merely reflects pent-up demand for a model that hadn’t seen a full update in four years remains to be seen as sales data is revealed in the quarters to come.

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