Accessory maker Henge Docks, best known for its docking stations made for MacBooks, announced today that it has signed up to be an official Apple reseller allowing it to offer Apple’s MacBooks and accessories bundled with its companion products.

In order to do this, Henge Docks has partnered with Apple through the company’s Authorized Business Solution Provider (ABSP) program.

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“This partnership, coupled with the new products we are launching, allows us to offer our customers a complete workstation setup in one convenient spot, and at a discounted price,” said Matthew Vroom, Henge Docks CEO. “It’s an honor that we were selected for this program after having worked so hard to build products designed to complement and enhance the Apple user experience.”

One bundle offered by the company will include a new MacBook Pro with the company’s Horizontal Docking Station, while another includes an Apple Magic Trackpad 2 and Apple Magic Keyboard bundle with its Clique product that’s designed to connect those two accessories together into one neat package. The company claims that bundles can save customers up to $150 versus purchasing the products individually.


Along with the announcement the company is showing off updated products at CES this week including an upgraded version of the Horizontal Docking Station (pictured above) that it will bundle with the new MacBook Pro. Available in USB-C and Thunderbolt models, it will support all the new 2016 MacBook Pros and adds 13 ports –dual audio jacks, SD card reader, four USB 3 ports, gigabit ethernet, dual Mini DisplayPort– with support for up to four external displays, passthrough power, and Kensington Lock. It will be available in Spring starting at $499. We reviewed one of the earlier models and called it one of the best solutions around. 

It’s also showing off a new $149 Vertical Docking Station (above, left) and Tethered Docking Station starting at $199 (above, right), both available in USB type C or Thunderbolt 3 for the new MacBook Pros and also arriving in Spring. Those can be bundled with a new MacBook Pro as well.


Other companies too are showing off accessories to tap into a market of new MacBook Pro owners in search of connecting legacy accessories to the device after a switch to all USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports. OWC revealed new ‘DEC’ attachment for 2016 MacBook Pro that adds 4TB of storage and additional ports, and others, like Elgato, are introducing products updated with Thunderbolt 3 connectivity to support the new machine.

Henge Docks will be selling the new bundles both direct to its customers and into enterprise. You can purchase the bundles through its website now

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