1Password is launching a new feature for members called Travel Mode that makes it easier to remove sensitive information from the app. The idea behind Travel Mode is to give users the ability to flip a switch and instantly delete information from 1Password on your iPhone to prevent sharing sensitive information in the event of a mandatory search.

Users can mark specific entries as safe for travel, then flip on travel mode and have every other entry removed from mobile devices. 1Password says users previously had to create temporary travel vaults and manually sign in and out of accounts to achieve the same task that Travel Mode makes simple.

I then sign in to my account on 1Password.com, mark that vault as “safe for travel,” and turn on Travel Mode in my profile. I unlock 1Password on my devices so the vaults are removed, and I’m now ready for my trip. Off I go from sunny Winnipeg to hopefully-sunnier San Jose, ready to cross the border knowing that my iPhone and my Mac no longer contain the vast majority of my sensitive information.

1Password also highlights how Travel Mode works with Teams:

In 1Password Teams, Travel Mode is even cooler. If you’re a team administrator, you have total control over which secrets your employees can travel with. You can turn Travel Mode on and off for your team members, so you can ensure that company information stays safe at all times.

The new feature requires a 1Password Membership to work since it uses 1Password.com so you won’t find it available if you’re using the legacy, paid upfront model still. You can find out more about 1Password Membership here and download 1Password for iOS for free on the App Store.

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