In today’s world, it is important to have strong, unique, and secure passwords protecting all of your online accounts. Services like LastPass make this easy to do with tools that generate random passwords and store them with strong encryption. Today, LastPass has announced that it will soon make family sharing a priority…

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In the past, LastPass’ family feature was basically a single shared folder that could be accessed by several users with a paid account. Coming later this summer, LastPass will be revamping its family suite, making it a useful tool for those who wish to securely share data with up to six family members.

The first new feature is true unlimited sharing between family members. Now, instead of just openly sharing a folder with others, users will be able to share logins and other account information while having full control view permissions for each member. With that, parents can share the password to the Netflix or Hulu account with their kids while keeping the bank account login between one another.

The second new feature is something LastPass is calling a “family backup plan.” Family members will be able to upload secure documents such as their social security cards, medical information, and more and then grant access to the private data in times of emergencies.

LastPass Families will be controlled by one central “manager” who will handle paying the subscription fee, have the power to authorize other managers, as well as add or remove family members from the group.

The new LastPass Families will roll out sometime later this summer. If you’re interested in early access to the program, you can signup here. There is no word yet on how much the subscription fee will be for Families.

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