Apple has run ads on Instagram for some time. Starting from today, it is taking the platform more seriously, having started making its own posts. The account is sharing photos and videos taken on iPhones as part of its Shot on iPhone campaign.

The Apple Instagram account has the handle you’d expect, @apple, and is verified to confirm its legitimacy. Apple has slowly adopted social media, although it still is yet to write a real tweet.

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The Apple Instagram account is currently posting galleries, sets of images taken by various photographers using iOS equipment.

As well as simply sharing the image, Apple has recorded interviews with some of the artists behind the images and uses that as a voiceover track for the video galleries.

In the description, Apple includes quotes by the photographers of the photos featured in each post.

Apple also prominently features the Instagram account handles of the photographers, giving them additional exposure.

Apple invites users to share their own iPhone photography on Instagram using the #ShotoniPhone hashtag. Apple’s relationship with Instagram has been somewhat rocky; Phil Schiller infamously closed his Instagram account when the service expanded to Android back in 2012.

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