The latest MacBook Pro machines offer up to 2TB SSDs, with an iFixit teardown revealing that this is achieved by using two 1TB Samsung V-NAND boards …

Samsung has now announced that it’s managed to double the capacity of these in a version to be available in 2018.


Samsung announced a 1Tb V-NAND chip that it expects to be available next year. Initially mentioned in 2013, during unveiling of the industry’s first 3D NAND, Samsung has been working to enable its core memory technologies to realize one terabit of capacity on a single chip using a V-NAND structure. The arrival of a 1Tb V-NAND chip next year will enable 2TB of memory in a single V-NAND package.

Using two of these, one on each side of the logic board as Apple does now, would allow a maximum capacity of 4TB.

Whether Apple actually chooses to offer this capacity is another matter, of course. The company’s machines maxed out at 1TB for a long time, and 2TB is an extremely expensive option today. Apple is also increasingly pushing cloud storage over on-board capacity.

But for those of us who like to have local access to a lot of media wherever we are, the prospect of 4TB capacity would certainly be appealing.

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