It’s easy to focus on the new tech we’ll see from Apple and its flagship iPhones in the coming years after the iPhone X has paved a whole new course. However, iDrop News today has shared an interesting concept for how the iPhone X might influence its entry-level models. Yep, iPhone X meets iPhone 5c.

At first, the thought of an iPhone Xc might sound silly, but iDrop News shares some solid reasons why an affordable, polycarbonate iPhone with features from the X might be compelling for both consumers and Apple.

As more and more manufactures are making bezel-less smartphones, it’s becoming a standard flagship feature. And Apple is rumored to be bringing 3 bezel-less iPhone models to market next year. iDrop’s concept notes that an iPhone Xc device could use an LCD panel instead of OLED to cut costs.

Another benefit to a polycarbonate body would be increased durability compared to the current fragile, all-glass design of the iPhone X, and it would also work well with wireless charging.

iDrop imagines a budget, bezel-less iPhone like its Xc concept would be popular in the $450-$550 price range. If Apple could bring features like its TrueDepth camera system, bezel-less display, and wireless charging to a entry-level iPhone, it would likely be a boon to its smartphone market share across the board, but particularly in India and China.

What do you think about the idea of an iPhone Xc? Smart move? Inevitable? Or seem unlikely in the short-term? Share your thoughts in the comments below and check out the iPhone Xc concept gallery designed by Martin Hajek.

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