Following the new iPhone X ad yesterday, Apple today has shared two new segments for the iPad Pro. The ads highlight the device’s augmented reality capabilities, as well as note taking with Apple Pencil…

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Perhaps most notably, the iPad Pro ad with augmented reality showcases how the device can be used to imagine scenes around you. The video shows an iPad Pro user taking advantage of AR to imagine what some new furniture might look like in creating an outdoor seating area.

Here’s how Apple describes the ad:

With iPad Pro + iOS 11, you can use augmented reality to literally transform the world around you. Your next computer might not be a computer.

Next, Apple continues to tout the note taking capabilities of Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. Here, we see a user creating a school project using the GoodNotes 4 application in conjunction with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

With iPad Pro + iOS 11, you can use Apple Pencil to create multimedia notes. Draw, type, or drag and drop your favorite photos from Files. Your next computer might not be a computer.

These new ads come as Apple continues to market the iPad Pro as a PC replacement. Over the recent months, the company has released a slew of advertisements questioning what a PC is in the days of iPad Pro.

Watch both of today’s new ads below:

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