Update: See how to remove the power cable here. It requires a lot of force, Apple officially doesn’t recommending doing it.

The HomePod went on sale earlier today, but there’s still a few little tidbits Apple simply hasn’t documented yet. Thanks to a helpful support rep, we now know some details about the power cable that were not clear before.

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The HomePod will come with a 2 meter (6 foot) power cable in the box; it’s slightly strange that Apple’s Tech Specs page for HomePod does not mention the power cord being ‘In the Box’ but the Apple Store rep assured us it is there.

In some of Apple’s photography, it looked like the HomePod power cord was attached inside the unit and fixed in place. As such, some people were worried that accidental damage to the cord would mean needing to pay for a repair on the whole unit.

It turns out this is not actually the case, the cable is removable and user-replaceable. The HomePod cord is color-matched black or white depending on what model you order.

The Apple Store doesn’t list any HomePod accessories quite yet. The rep said that customers will be able to buy additional power cables for HomePod through Apple Support once the device delivers, from February 9.

Pricing for the HomePod power cable is not known. Presumably, the Apple Store will stock them directly as well at some point.

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