The second beta of iOS 11.3, released earlier today, includes the new battery health screen where users will be able to see whether their devices are being affected by poor battery health, but that’s not the only new thing in this release.

It seems like Apple is introducing a brand new public development framework, called ClassKit, that’s aimed towards educational apps. From a brief look into the code for that framework, it looks like it will allow developers of educational apps to create student evaluation features, users will be able to answer questionnaires that will be automatically transmitted to teachers remotely via iCloud.

A new daemon in the system suggests that this framework will enable a sort of “kiosk mode” to prevent the student from exiting the app during an exam.

Searching the developer website didn’t return anything, so it looks like Apple is not ready to announce the new feature officially. I’m still investigating this new framework and will be updating the post if anything new comes up.

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