iOS 11.3 Stories February 15

Apple confirms Telugu bug fix coming in next release of iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS

Apple has confirmed via iMore that a fix for the Telugu message bug is coming soon on all of its major platforms.

iOS 11.3 Stories February 6

The second beta of iOS 11.3, released earlier today, includes the new battery health screen where users will be able to see whether their devices are being affected by poor battery health, but that’s not the only new thing in this release.

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Thirteen days after the first developer beta, Apple has released iOS 11.3 beta 2 for registered developers to test on iPhone and iPad. We’ll dig in to the new version and detail changes below.

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iOS 11.3 Stories January 31

There was a big furore in October when the community discovered that the redesigned Calculator app in iOS 11.0 had a semi-serious bug; people noticed that if you typed 1 + 2 + 3 quickly, it would give the incorrect answer. The real problem here was that the fade animation on the operand buttons (+, – etc) would block user interaction until it completed. This meant that if you typed quickly, the second press of the + button when typing 1 + 2 + 3 would be ignored, but really this happened with any combination of inputs that pressed the operands quickly.

In iOS 11.2, Apple ‘fixed’ this issue. They removed the animation altogether making state changes instantaneous. It quelled complaints, but obviously was not what was originally designed. In iOS 11.3, Apple will rollout the true fix – the animations are back, and do not block user interaction. Video below …

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iOS 11.3 Stories January 25

As promised yesterday, Apple has released the first iOS 11.3 public beta loaded with new features for iPhone and iPad. Apple previewed several new features yesterday prior to the first developer beta:

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An organization representing emergency services in more than 80 countries worldwide has said that Apple adding Advanced Mobile Location (AML) in iOS 11.3 is ‘huge news,’ having previously estimated that it would result in saving around 7500 lives over the next ten years …

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