Emergency Stories May 10

An app for first responders has helped Denmark quadruple the out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival rate, and it’s all thanks to trained volunteers.

Medical experts hope that similar results could be achieved in the US if safety concerns can be overcome …

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Emergency Stories December 2, 2019

Apple, Samsung, and other tech giants need to consult emergency services before implementing features that automatically place 911 calls. The plea has come from EENA, an organization representing more than 1,500 emergency services in over 80 countries.

It says that although features like Fall Detection on the Apple Watch and Auto-call for Emergency SOS on the iPhone are well-intentioned and have been credited with saving a great many people, they can also cost lives…

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Emergency Stories July 13, 2018

Prepare to receive more emergency alerts on your iPhone, but there’s no cause for panic

The US government’s Emergency Alert System (EAS) is, unfortunately, probably best known for the false alarm in Hawaii back in January. Residents of the island were woken by a loud alarm sound and a message stating that ballistic missiles were on the way …

Emergency Stories June 12, 2018

Volunteer firefighters now get access to FirstNet prioritized data service [Video]

If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to be close to the scene of a major emergency, you’ll know that mobile networks quickly get congested …

Emergency Stories April 26, 2018

An organization representing emergency services in more than 80 countries worldwide has argued that apps can be a better way to report an emergency than making a call.

The European Emergency Number Association (EENA) made the suggestion as it announced that emergency apps designed for use in one European country will in future work across borders …

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Emergency Stories January 25, 2018

An organization representing emergency services in more than 80 countries worldwide has said that Apple adding Advanced Mobile Location (AML) in iOS 11.3 is ‘huge news,’ having previously estimated that it would result in saving around 7500 lives over the next ten years …

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