[Update February 27: Apple has shared two new videos today, How to compose with telephoto camera on iPhone and How to experiment with framing on iPhone. Check them out below.]

Apple has released a trio of new how-to videos today with tips on getting the most of iPhone’s camera. Two of three focus on taking better photos, while one shares a tip on editing slo-mo video.

Each of the new tutorial videos in Apple’s “How to” collection are just over 30 seconds long and follow the same format of other recent releases.

The latest videos include How to adjust slo-mo timing on iPhoneHow to shoot an overhead on iPhone, and How to shoot in black & white on iPhone. All of the videos offer easily consumable, quick tips on getting the most of iPhone’s camera.

Apple has been heavily highlighting iPhone camera features this year on its YouTube channel. Before last week’s release of new how-to videos on Portrait Lighting and Live Photos, the company shared a “Selfies on iPhone X” campaign alongside Brazil’s Carnival and a similarly focused ad narrated by Muhammed Ali.

New on February 27:

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