Popular HomeKit accessory maker ecobee has today updated its iOS app with a visual overhaul and several new features. The update brings the ecobee app to version 6.0 and adds some more color and flare to the interface, which was previously primarily black…

Ecobee HomeKit Thermostat

Ecobee says that the update focuses on making the app more visually appealing, though there are a few new features scattered throughout. For instance, there’s a new “My Devices” page that allows users to quickly access their devices and see settings and whether or not they are online.

There’s also new Comfort Setting features that the company says make it easier for users to schedule their temperature changes. “Comfort settings make sure your home is the right temperature during specific activities in your schedule,” ecobee says.

Portions of the app remain relatively similar to previous versions, but the color scheme has been updated throughout to be a gray rather than black – something that you might not like if you’re an iPhone X user.

Ecobee also says there’s a new Apple Watch app on the way, though it doesn’t provide any concrete details on when that update might come or what it might include.

Here’s the full changelog for today’s update:

We’ve done a little spring-cleaning for the ecobee app! More closet space means new digs. Maybe you’ve noticed this little product named the ecobee Switch+.

This update accommodates the Switch+, in addition to some major visual updates.

  • Illustrations! Our app wears a lot of black, so here’s some colour.
  • A new device overview screen that makes room for accessories (you know, Room Sensors). It now shows temperatures around the home, and sensor status.
  • A new way to schedule that includes custom comfort settings. Spring’s a tricky season. We hope this fix keeps you comfy.

Make it a habit to stay tuned, as there will be more updates rolling out as the temperatures rise — including a brand new Apple Watch app.

Ecobee is a free download on the App Store and you can pick up the company’s accessories on Amazon.

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