Google today is rolling out a notable update to the Gmail application for iOS. The update brings support for snoozing emails, as well as sending money with Google Pay…

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Google explains that the new snooze button in Gmail for iOS means you can delay dealing with an email until later. You can snooze a message for a preset amount of time, such as until tomorrow morning, or choose a specific date and time on your own.

Furthermore, Gmail for iOS has added support for Google Pay. This means users can now send money to “anyone with an email address” directly within the Gmail application. This gives Gmail a leg up on Apple’s own Mail application, which does not support Apple Pay or Apple Pay Cash.

Here’s the full change log for today’s update:

  • You can now use the new snooze button to put off emails that you just can’t get to right now.
  • You can now send and request money as an attachment in Gmail with Google Pay. You can pay anyone with an email address.

The snooze functionality still appears to be rolling out, so if you don’t see the feature right after you update it may take a few days for it to hit account. Gmail is a free download on the App Store.

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