While we haven’t heard much about Apple’s Project Titan for quite some time, that doesn’t mean the company isn’t actively working on the project.

The Information reports that Apple has hired senior engineer Jaime Waydo from Google’s Waymo self-driving project. It believes that this could speed up and potentially put Apple ahead of other players in its self-driving car efforts. This could also potentially lead to its first prototype vehicle.

Unfortunately, a lot of autonomous vehicle experts say that Apple’s Titan has been put on the back burner, noting that the company is so far behind that many aren’t even looking at Apple as a plausible competitor.

Titan has been an afterthought in the autonomous vehicle industry, according to numerous engineers and executives in the field. It has changed its focus multiple times, turned over its leadership and at one point laid off a large group of employees following a hiring binge. It has lagged far behind rivals in developing self-driving technology

These are valid statements as Apple has seemingly restarted its self-driving efforts multiple times over the years, first starting with an actual car, scaling down to potentially licensing its self-driving software to other car manufacturers.

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