Hulu is announcing this morning that it will be rolling out a new Night Mode for the web. As a long-awaited feature, the new Night Mode allows users to darken the UI of Hulu.

The new Night Mode will begin rolling out to users today and is here to stay. The feature comes just a few weeks after the release of macOS Mojave, which comes with an option for a system-wide Dark Mode. However, Mojave’s Dark Mode does not apply to web content. So, browsing the web will still result in stark bright backgrounds.

Just in time for Halloween, we’re giving users Night Mode on Web. Beginning today, viewers can turn on the new, permanent Web feature if they prefer a darker, more cinematic experience.

This makes sense, however, as video content is typically viewed in darker environments, so having a dark UI makes total sense.

Personally, I’d like to see every site, not just video sites, adopt a Dark Mode as that’s the only way a dark interface could work without blinding the user.

To enable the new Night Mode, users will need to tap on their user avatar on the top right, and toggle the Night Mode switch to On.

What do you think? Should websites start rolling out dark themes? Let us know in the comments section below!

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