Tweetbot 5 was released to the public last week, bringing a handful of new features including a true dark mode, GIF integration, iPhone XS Max support, and more. Somewhat hidden in the update, however, are a slew of new theme options.

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By default, Tweetbot 5 includes “night” and “default” themes, with the option to switch automatically between them based on your display brightness level. In addition to the default and night themes are five other theme options that are unlocked through an in-app tipping system.

How to enable unlock Tweetbot themes:

From your timeline in Tweetbot 5, tap your profile picture in the upper-left corner. From there, choose the settings icon in the lower-left.

Near the bottom of the Settings interface, you’ll see a “Support Tweetbot” banner. Tap that and you’ll see three options for in-app tipping: a $0.99 ‘Snack-Sized Tip’, a $2.99 ‘Coffee-Sized Tip’, and a $4.99 ‘Lunch-Sized Tip’.

If you want to unlock the additional Tweetbot themes, simply choose one of the three tipping options and complete the purchase through an in-app purchase.

After the tipping process is complete, tap the ‘Display’ option in Settings and scroll all the way down. Under the “Theme” header, you should now see a total of seven themes. If you don’t see any theme options, you’ll want to make sure the “Switch Automatically” toggle is turned off. You can also switch between the seven themes by swing up or down with two fingers on your Timeline.

Here are the seven new Tweetbot themes:

  • Default
  • Night
  • Ocean
  • Pumpkin
  • Manhattan
  • Vintage
  • Console

Tweetbot is a $4.99 download on the App Store.

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