Tweetbot Stories March 1

Tweetbot 7.1 for iOS adds background notifications, refreshed icons, more

Tweetbot’s developer Tapbot just released version 7.1 of its popular Twitter client for iOS users. This update comes a few weeks after a major version was unveiled by the company.

Tweetbot Stories February 8

The popular third-party Twitter client Tweetbot is taking full advantage of Twitter’s renewed commitment to making features available through its API. With a new update rolling out today, Tweetbot has added back its once-popular stats view feature. Head below for the full details on today’s Tweetbot update…

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Tweetbot Stories January 4

Tweetbot for iOS gets first update of 2022 with new widgets, themes, and more

Tweetbot is releasing today version 6.8 of its app. In this update, the Twitter client is receiving its first big update in 2022, after previously adding a New Year’s icon late last year.

Tweetbot Stories November 16, 2021

As Twitter rolls out new features to its once-neglected API, the popular third-party app Tweetbot continues to become more powerful. This week, Tapbots has rolled out its latest update to Tweetbot 6 with support for limiting who can reply to tweets as well as support for creating polls.

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Tweetbot Stories August 30, 2021

Just two weeks after its last notable update, Tweetbot 6 for Twitter has been updated yet again with a handful of notable changes. Tweetbot 6.3 is available on the App Store now with a new “Behaviors” feature for fine-tuning the Tweetbot experience, new app icons, and more.

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Tweetbot Stories August 17, 2021

Tweetbot launched version 6.2 of its Twitter client with some major improvements and new features, such as Timeline Widgets support.

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Tweetbot Stories April 7, 2021

Tweetbot for iOS adds a new dark theme, PiP video player, more

Tweetbot for iOS has received another notable update with version 6.1 now available on the App Store.

Tweetbot Stories January 26, 2021

The popular third-party Twitter client Tweetbot has received a notable update today with a handful of new features and a change in its business model. Tapbots says that Tweetbot 6 is free to download, with an in-app subscription available to unlock the core functionality of the app. The promise is that subscription pricing will ensure regular updates in the future.

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Tweetbot Stories November 25, 2020

Tweetbot updated with native support for M1 Macs, new Big Sur icon

The popular Twitter client Tweetbot is now optimized for Apple Silicon and the first M1 Macs. Plus, there’s a new Tweetbot icon to fit in with the rest of your Big Sur dock.

Tweetbot Stories April 21, 2019

A few weeks ago, I took a look at the best Twitter apps for iPhone. It was interesting to read the replies I got on Twitter from people who felt strongly one way or another about third-party apps or using the official Twitter one. People who like third-party apps often prefer them for reasons that do make sense. People who are fine with the official Twitter app (based on how they use Twitter) should stick with it. The great thing about the ecosystem (it’s hanging on by a thread) is that both third-party and first-party options work for people. It’s really one of those “what’s best for you” situations. This week, I want to look at the best Twitter app for Mac. Because Twitter killed its official app for Mac last March, third-party apps are all you can use (except for TweetDeck). Twitter would prefer desktop users use While the Twitter website is fine for casual tweeting, people who use Twitter on desktop with any regularity will want a dedicated app. This week, I am going to pick the best Twitter app for the Mac. expand full story

Tweetbot Stories April 7, 2019

Twitter apps for the iPhone have been around before the App Store. Twitterrific was one of the apps released for Jailbroken iPhones prior to the launch of the App Store with iPhone OS 2.0. I would even argue that without the App Store, Twitter would not be the company it is today. While Twitter has done a lot to hurt third-party apps in recent years, there is still a somewhat thriving ecosystem. This week, I want to look at all of the Twitter apps for iPhone to see which one is the best.

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Tweetbot Stories November 8, 2018

Tweetbot for iOS updated with optimization for new iPad Pro displays

Just a day after the launch of Apple’s latest iPad Pros, Tweetbot for iOS has been updated to take advantage of the new 11-inch and 12.9-inch displays. This means you’ll no longer see pesky black bars around the sides of the app on the new iPad Pros.

Tweetbot Stories October 21, 2018

Tweetbot 5 was released to the public last week, bringing a handful of new features including a true dark mode, GIF integration, iPhone XS Max support, and more. Somewhat hidden in the update, however, are a slew of new theme options.

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Tweetbot Stories October 18, 2018

Tapbots is out with a new version of Tweetbot for iOS that adds a handful of fresh features. iPhone X users will especially appreciate a reworked dark mode that uses true black and looks especially nice on OLED panels.

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Tweetbot Stories August 16, 2018

TechCrunch has published an internal Twitter email that includes the company’s explanation for shutting down their API that powered many features in useful apps like Tweetbot and Twitterrific.

While the email likely won’t convince irritated Twitter users who are seeing features removed from their favorite apps, the internal communication is the most open Twitter has been about its thinking on the matter:

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Tweetbot Stories August 15, 2018

Tapbots has released an updated version of Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad that removes or degrades lots of useful features due to Twitter’s API change set to occur tomorrow. Due to the API changes, Tweetbot’s Apple Watch app which focused largely on showing alert activity has also been removed.

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Tweetbot Stories August 7, 2018

After initially delaying major API changes, Twitter appears determined to flip the switch next week and break how third-party apps access the service. Twitter clients including Tweetbot and Twitterrific are already bracing for impact with useful features expected to go away.

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Tweetbot Stories May 15, 2018

Tapbots has launched a brand new version of Tweetbot for Mac that adds features and design refinements throughout the Twitter client — and an aggressive new icon. Tweetbot 3 for Mac includes an expanded side bar for power users, media features including accessibility improvements, and dark mode on the Mac for the first time ever.

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Tweetbot Stories March 7, 2018

Don’t panic about Tweetbot disappearing from the App Store, it’ll be back soon

Update: As expected, the apps are now back in the App Store!

A raft of readers noticed that the popular third-party Twitter app Tweetbot had disappeared from the App Store. In fact, all of Tapbot’s software vanished from both the iOS and Mac App Stores. Don’t panic … an Apple Developer program bug was the cause of the issue. The apps should be back soon.

Tweetbot Stories November 8, 2017

Tweetbot for iOS and macOS update brings support for 280 characters

Popular iOS Twitter client, Tweetbot, has received an update today that adds the new 280 character limit that is rolling out to all users.

Tweetbot Stories April 25, 2017

Keeping up with recent Twitter API changes, Tweetbot for Mac today has been updated with a handful of new features. The update bring the app to version 2.5 and includes features such as @ usernames no longer counting towards the character limit.

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Tweetbot Stories September 20, 2016

Tweetbot updated for macOS Sierra and iOS 10, adds extended Tweet support

Yesterday Twitter introduced the ability to send extended tweets that include images and videos without counting against the character limit. This change was introduced months ago, but third-party Twitter clients didn’t have a heads up on how to support the new feature until it launched.

For the last 24 hours of so, Tweetbot and other third-party apps have included URLs to full tweets on the web for extended tweets, and now Tapbots has quickly shipped an update to the Mac that supports the longer tweet format (and iOS support likely isn’t far behind).

Tweetbot Stories May 19, 2016

iPad Pro Apps

I don’t use as many apps on my 12.9″ iPad Pro as I do on my iPhone, but the ones that I do use I’ve grown to love. And while I appreciate what the Apple Pencil can do, I’m not an artist, and prefer typing over handwriting. With that said, I tend to use my iPad Pro in the more traditional way.

The great thing about the iPad Pro is that it’s a flexible device that can adapt to a variety of workflows. Here’s a look at five of my favorite apps for Apple’s extra large tablet. expand full story

Tweetbot Stories November 18, 2015

Tweetbot 2-1

Tweetbot for Mac has learned a handy new feature with the latest update just released. Tweetbot for Mac now supports OS X’s full screen mode, including El Capitan’s new Split View feature that lets you run two full screen apps side-by-side. This works a lot like the split view multitasking features on the iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 4. Tweetbot 2.2 also brings a few other changes to the Mac… expand full story

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