Dropbox Paper is getting an update today that brings a new way to coordinate and stay in sync with colleagues while working on projects. The new timeline features offer the option to create visual representations of what’s happening when and who’s in charge of what with Dropbox Paper.

Dropbox Paper has seen steady improvements with useful new features over the last year. These include more support for third-party integrations, customization options for file previews, and more.
Here’s how the company describes the latest update to Dropbox Paper.
Timelines let you map out every step of a project and keep everyone on the same page:
  • Easily create timelines that show ongoing portions of projects by clicking and dragging. You can also customize timeline item colors to better organize information.
  • Assign team members and set the end date to make sure people know who’s responsible for what, and when things need to be finished.
  • Add notes to any item to give everyone details like status updates or links to supporting docs.
  • Set project milestones to mark key events like deadlines and launch dates, and help align project items to your overall schedule.
  • Zoom in or out—to view just one week or up to a year—to get as broad or focused a view as you need.

These new features are available starting today for all users. Dropbox Paper is available via the web as well as the free iOS app.

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