A new ad for the Powerbeats Pro highlights the battery life of the earphones as a Paris running club ran an intense 174-mile relay race in Iceland over 24 hours.

The group of runners named the relay race “Zero Dark Project” as they each took turns chasing the sun over a 24-hour race across Iceland.

One of the runners noted how music fits into an experience like this:

There are perfect moments like this, just the music, the light and the color. Music is an upper, it feels like you’re flying.

The run was fueled by Powerbeats Pro with the YouTube description highlighting the 9-hour battery life and 24 hours of listening with the charging case. The ear clip-style and other features like the IPX4 water resistance rating make Powerbeats Pro a better choice than AirPods for workouts and more intense activity like this Icelandic race.

Powerbeats Pro sell for $250 in black with more colors arriving later. Check out our review coverage and the new ad below:


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