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iPad Stories March 1

Apple profiles how New Zealand students prototyped an iPad app to learn their native language

Apple has shared a new story on its Newsroom website today detailing how the iPad is being used by students in New Zealand to create an app for students. The story explains that students in New Zealand used an iPad and Keynote to create a prototype Samoan language app for younger learners.

iPad Stories February 18

iPad assembly could start in India as government offers incentives

Apple is reportedly in discussions about starting iPad assembly in India, alongside the iPhones it already makes there. The Cupertino company had previously succeeded in lobbying the government for financial incentives for setting up and then boosting iPhone assembly in the country, and new incentives are now being offered for local assembly of tablets and […]

iPad Stories January 29

Best iPhone and iPad multi-device chargers for families

Whether finding a charger in your house is a constant challenge, you want to make a central hub for your family’s devices, or just want to tame a rat’s nest of wires and cables, follow along for a look at some of the best multi-device chargers for families when it comes to iPhone, iPad, MacBooks, […]

iPad Stories October 21, 2020

iPad Air reviews: This is the new default iPad

Early iPad Air reviews have now landed, and they are so consistent they come close to being word-for-word in their conclusions. You can also watch some view reviews below. Ahead of the reviews, I voiced my view that ‘the 4th-gen iPad Air is probably the model most people should be buying’ – and the reviews […]

iPad Stories October 8, 2020

Apple partnership sees all Gallaudet University students get iPad Pro

A partnership with Apple has seen all Gallaudet University students and faculty members receive an iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard Folio and Apple Pencil. The university is a specialist higher education faculty in which all programs are specifically designed to accommodate deaf and hard of hearing students …

iPad Stories September 25, 2020

Get an iPad or MacBook sleeve signed by Woz, for a good cause

Picaso Lab is for a limited time offering a leather iPad or MacBook sleeve signed by Woz, the affectionate nickname of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. The signed sleeves are available for a wide range of iPad and MacBook models. You do of course pay a premium for the signature, but every single penny you pay […]

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