Apple Watch: Which One Should You Buy

Apple has finally launched its much awaited and most profound gadget of the year the Apple Watch. With the pre-orders starting from April 10 2015, the Apple Watch will be available for sale from April 24, 2015 at Apple retail store and on the online store of Apple.  Apple is putting substantial effort to bring its smart watch as a premium fashion item. And for this, Apple has a very convincing launch strategy. Soon after the announcement about the Apple Watch, it made its first global appearance on the cover of Vogue China and then we saw the Apple Watch at the Paris Fashion Week.

apple watch design philosphy makes it unique

Can technology and Fashion make a stylish pairing? This is certainly a big question and time will tell us if the launch strategy of Apple works fine or not. Apple Watch is the first product of Apple to come in so many variations and models and this can confuse the interested buyers to decide for the best option. There will be some more than two dozen Apple Watch models to choose your favorite one from. But we are here to make your life easy and will help you to decide the one for you.

Factors to consider before you buy the Apple Watch

One should read the specifications of the Apple Watch before deciding to buy it. The Apple Watch will be available for $349 as a starting price tag and the price will go to $17,000 maximum. Certainly this is a big difference and for the product of the brand which is famous for the simplicity. The prices of Apple Watch will be depending on four main factors, Size, Band, Case and Collection. Before going into more details let’s discuss some other details about the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch will come in three different collections or models.

The Apple Watch will be available in three different collections or models and classified as the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition. The Apple Watch will be the standard mid-range watch by Apple and will be made of stainless steel. The Apple Watch Sport will be a low-range watch made with Aluminum and will be for more casual use. Whereas the Apple Watch Edition will be a high-range premium watch made with 18-karat gold. It will be a limited edition as well.

So the first thing to decide before you buy the Apple Watch is which one do you like? The Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport or the Apple Watch Edition.

Apple Watch will be Available in two sizes

Like we witnessed the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were the bigger screen phones with two different sizes same will be the case with the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch will come in two sizes of 38mm and 42mm where the 42 mm Apple Watch will be a little more expensive than 38mm variant of the Apple Watch.

So deciding the size of the Apple Watch will be the second important factor and you will have to choose for the appropriate size of the Apple Watch for you.

Apple Watch will come with plenty of Band options

Apple’s Design chief Jony Ive claims There is an Apple Watch for everyonewhile reviewing the Apple Watch with the Vogue. And he is not wrong. To make it true Apple Watch will come with a number of band options made of different material and available in multiple colors to choose from. This is a really cool initiative of Apple to come with so many options. Everyone has unique taste when it comes to talk about fashion and style and Apple knows this much better than us.

So the third factor will be to choose the appropriate band (strap) for your Apple Watch. You can check the band options here.

Apple Watch cases are available with different material

What Material do you prefer for casing?

As we discussed earlier, the Apple Watch will be mainly available in three different collections, the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition, all made of different material. But there is one more variation in this. The Aluminum, Stainless steel and the 18-karat gold all three materials will be available in different variations as well like if you decide to go for a more expensive premium Apple Watch Edition, You can select from the 18-karat Yellow Gold or the Rose Gold casing.

Choosing the material of casing will be the fourth and final factor where you will decide which Apple Watch you have selected for you and what will it cost to you?

Pricing of the Apple Watch

Now that you know, there are four main factors to decide the Apple Watch for you. We will here discuss briefly the pricing of each model.

§  The Apple Watch Sport made with aluminum alloy will be available for $349 for the 38mm Apple Watch. Whereas the 42mm Apple Watch will be available for $399. The Apple Watch Sport will come with two bands and there will be 10 variants to choose from.

§  The standard Apple Watch will start from $549 for 38mm and $599 for the 42mm Apple Watch made of the stainless steel. The more expensive Apple Watch made of Space Black Stainless steel will be available at $1049 and $1099 for two different sizes.

Apple Watch Eidition made of 18 karat gold will cost of 17000

 §  The Apple Watch edition will start from $10,000 for 38mm and $12,000 for 42mm Apple Watch made with18 karat gold and the sport band. On the other hand more expensive 38mm Apple Watch will be priced at $17,000 made with yellow gold casing and buckles both.

 A complete list of Apple Watch models and prices is available here.

There is still a big debate continue in the industry if the Apple Watch will be a success or a failure. Now that you have a complete idea of the Apple Watch including the pricing and models. Which model are you going to choose for yourself? And do you think Apple Watch will become a fashion icon?

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