Another Apple TV mockup from This time we get the Apple TV \”Air\” imagined as a Chromecast or Roku-style HDMI stick. Full description and gallery from Curved below:

It may no longer be a hobby: A couple of weeks ago Tim Cook revealed at the shareholder meeting that its set-top box Apple TV generated more than a billion dollar in revenues for the first time in a fiscal year, selling more than 10 million units.

The fourth generation of Apple TV could be introduced this spring; we layed out our concept of an Apple TV touch a couple of weeks ago. But it doesn’t actually take a full blown set-top box to invade the living room as Google’s widely successful dongle Chromecast which debuted last week in Europe has proved.

At CURVED/labs we are one step ahead and mused about how Apple TV could evolve as an HDMI stick: Welcome to Apple TV Air!

• Apple TV Air is the cheapest possible way to watch Apple TV

• It consists of two parts: the HDMI \’dongle\’ (the actual Apple TV) and a small remote control, both sold together in one box for aprox. 49 $/EUR.

* The dongle is powered through HDMI, while the remote has a small changeable battery like the current Apple TV remote

* Connection over Bluetooth (IR not possible due to fact that the box will always be out of sight)

* Made from plastic materials to keep costs down but maintaining  Apple’s trademark quality (think back to the first generation Apple iPod shuffle)

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