After the success of the WWDC timer, Efrain Roa, Timothy Reavis and Nick Pomes are back with another themed countdown for the iPhone 6 event, which although currently unannounced, will take place on September 9th as reported by all major publications. Official invites for the event are expected to go out to press members in about three weeks time.

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At the event, Apple will announce two new iPhones, with 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch displays. At least one of the iPhone 6 models will then go on sale later in the month.

Roa also made this amusing Photoshop for the iWatch, which is apparently set to be announced in October. Got to get past the iPhone 6 hype first though!

via @EA_Roa

via @<a href="">EA_Roa</a>

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