As a developer, I love coding – especially for iOS. But carrying around my thirteen inch retina MacBook Pro everywhere isn’t always the most efficient way to get work done on my latest app. Yes, I have an iPhone, but the screen is way too small to code anything. But wait, I have an iPad – enter the world of Dringend.

Dringend is the first app that provides a feasible solution that allows developers to code on the go. Trust me, I have tried other apps that promise the best experience, and they simply don’t offer the features that I need. Dringend looks promising, and just from their video demoing the app, I can tell this has a chance at changing my workflow completely.

Dringend lets you build and run your application wherever you are in the world, be it on a beach or whilst relaxing at a cafe. View errors and warnings just like with Xcode and best of all you can run your project on the iPad itself. (Mac to act as build server required)

In this excerpt from their site, the company details one of the most fundamental features of developing, in-house error and warning support. Not only will this app allow you to write code on the go, but it will also compile it, and tell you if there is an error with the code.

It’s easy to import or create new Xcode projects. Browse through your project and organize or create new files. Choose a template for a file or project and Dringend will generate all the files and folders to get you started.

Dringend will allow users of the app to directly import their existing Xcode project from Dropbox, or they can simply create a brand new one and start fresh right from their iPad.

Line numbering as you type and full live syntax highlighting. Dringend goes the full mile and provides complete syntax highlighting for all your code plus find and replace when you need it, just like Xcode. It updates live so you will be right at home.

The app is aimed to make a developer feel “right at home,” and with mandatory features like syntax highlighting and time saving ones like ‘find and replace,’ they’ve literally thought of everything.

As you can tell, I am excited for Dringend, and what makes me even more happy is that it is arriving this month as the app is currently in the review process with Apple.

In your opinion, is this a step forward in fazing out PCs and laptops in favor of tablets? Let us know in the comments!

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