Regardless of where you are in the world when an accident happens, you may need to call a life-saving emergency phone number. With the Emergency Phone Numbers app, you will have all the local emergency numbers (Police, Fire, and Medical) available in your pocket, as well as important information to help direct first responders to your location.

Often when you need an emergency number, you are far away from home. Road names, landmarks, and other information that is helpful to first responders may be unknown to you. The more accurately you can give your exact location to the central emergency dispatcher, the faster you can get help.

The app automatically finds the emergency numbers for the country you are in; but, unlike other apps, it also shows your location while in a call. This allows you to tell the central emergency dispatcher exactly where you are located, saving valuable time – when time may be absolutely crucial.

There is also an overview option through the Emergency Phone Numbers app. When using the overview feature, you can select from any country in the world and find its emergency numbers. This is useful when searching for an emergency number in a country where you are not located.

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