This week I released Emoji Zen, an alternative emoji keyboard for iOS 8.

I started thinking about it during WWDC. Apple’s emoji keyboard UI always annoyed me, the categories never made sense and paging though several pages with 3 lines of emoji isn’t the best option when you have 4.7″ and 5.5″ phones. So after some months and with help of several beta testers from reddit I finally published Emoji Zen.

Selecting an emoji should be a quick task so this keyboard is bigger than the stock keyboard so you can easily find what your at looking.

Instead of going through several pages of emoji you page through eleven hand crafted categories and inside each category you simply scroll.

Long pressing an emoji adds it to a favorites list, but you can also simply use the automatically generated list of most used emoji.


You can download it on the App Store, I hope you enjoy.

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