Google, Space-X, and The Internet

It’s no secret that Google has wanted sincerely to provide internet services abroad, as well as Elon Musk strives to improve the overall quality of of life, and has done so on a variety of levels. But what if the two joined forces? 

Hopefully, through the course of the next coming months/years, the duo will form to provide services that would require the communitave efforts of both Space-X and Google.

Google’s Project Loon plans on launching balloons abroad that all provide Wi-Fi to the populace. Space-X is now also planning on launching several hundred satellites into space that theoretically would provide Fiber-Optic-Speed internet to every person on the planet

That. Is a lot of people. 

Similarly, it’s also a lot money on both companies parts. In order to compensate for the steep cost it would take Space-X to launch such a project, Google has offered to write off a hefty check to Space-X the next time it feels the need for a monetary boost. 

It’s clear that Space-X and Google forming a duo could only heave great possibilities, but what are they exactly? Anything beyond what has been discussed here? Feel free to leave your take in the comments below. 


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