There are some pretty wicked responses in the article from people who do not make music, and are only commenting about how they think that Apple will pay royalties in a lump sum after the trial is up, or that those commenting in support of Taylor show a “serious lack of financial understanding”.

Coming from someone who loves music (and also has a Masters in Business), its easy for me to see why the Labels are letting Apple slide with a 90 day free trial….. Not only does this let users try out the service, but Apple is betting on the wide market of iOS users, not to mention those who use iTunes on any platform, will be using the service over its competitors. That is one HELL of a bargaining chip in the eyes of the label, and apparently its enough for the big 3 labels to be ok with this.

As for what people think about Taylor and her music…….So what…….If you don’t like her music then its your prerogative, just don’t get upset if your favorite artist pulls a similar move and you see commenters echoing your thought about Taylor onto your favorite artist. Its great on her to be in the position that she’s in. She has 5 albums and has had a long tenure gigging around her home town. A good percentage don’t get that lucky.

If you think PirateBay is a perfectly OK place to get your music, then your part of the problem the majority of artists are facing….not getting paid for their work. iTunes (and the store) were introduced as a method to combat napster and bittorrent…..Giving fans a chance to get Music in a new way that easily was accepted by many changed it all….Now that a lot of people are streaming, Apple is trying to change that. Spotify has a lot of subscribers, but not a lot of paid ones, which means that don’t have a lot of money coming in to pay the artists….according to them….

Pharrell had that hit song Happy played a few billion times on Pandora, and only got paid 6k…..Sure…he has more money from other sources, but the amount of work he puts in for his music, and the music he makes for other artists, I am sure he would like to be compensated…..not stolen from

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