iOS Adoption Rate Settles Down

Last year, Apple was boasting a hefty 80% adoption rate of iOS 7; an industry high. But can iOS 8 live up to the same standards? Will it reach the staggering statistic of 80%? 

The answer is no. Probably not. 

According to Apple’s latest release, 69% of all users are using iOS 8. That leaves 28% of people using iOS 7, and a whopping 3% using something earlier. (As of 1/19/2015) 

What’s worse, this number is beginning to slow in increase. From January 5th to Janurary 19th, only 1% was increased for iOS 8. 

But why is all of this happening? 

Well, nobody knows precisely why, but it could come down to a few factors. One being that the space required to be sacrificed for iOS 8 is a little over 2 GB, or perhaps that due to initially its rocky release, users with older devices fear iOS 8 will drastically decrease performance. Or perhaps users are simply content with the OS they’re on, and wouldn’t like it any different (ie, older generations). Though we can be sure it’s not lack of iPhone sales, which continue to ship out, and even managed to meet demand.

Regardless, these are the stats, and can be sourced.

What do you think about iOS 8 and how well it’s being adopted? Feel free to leave a comment down below. And as always, thanks for reading. 

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