File-sharing apps are a dime a dozen these days, but they all have these annoyances that make it difficult to love them. Dropbox is really great at syncing, but sharing takes too much time. Google Drive comes with a built-in productivity suite, but their suite of apps look and run like something from five years ago. CloudApp is great for quick sharing, but their free tier is woefully limited. I could go on and on about what’s lacking in the file sharing space!

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Enter Jumpshare for Mac: a free, powerful file sharing app that works from your menubar. It nails the basics – simply drag & drop any file or set of files or folders to instantly get a shareable link, or send them via email. It further sweetens the deal by adding tightly-integrated tools for working and collaborating faster. You can share screenshots (with annotations), record your screen, as well as voice clips. There’s also the ability to share notes in the form of code, Markdown or plain text. For designers, the Jumpshare Hotkey (Option+D) can instantly upload designs from Sketch and Photoshop.

Download Jumpshare:

It offers all of this for free. Jumpshare comes with 2GB of free space; more than enough for everyday file sharing, and screenshots, screencasts, voice clips, and notes. Unlike Droplr, files are stored permanently (though you can upgrade to Jumpshare Plus to use self-destruct controls), and unlike CloudApp, there’s no limit to how many files you can upload.

File sharing gets even better when you upgrade to the Plus plan ( Besides the aforementioned self-destruct controls, you get 1 TB of space, custom branding, detailed file analytics, Jumpshare Inbox (receive files from others using a custom link), and a lot more.

The offering is only strengthened by the powerful web app that goes hand in hand with the Mac app. Anything you share from Mac app can be previewed online as Jumpshare supports 200+ file formats. People you share files with don’t have to worry about installing another program to view your file. The web app also acts as a hub for all your file sharing activity.

What are you waiting for? Start sharing with Jumpshare – it’s free!

Download Jumpshare on the Mac App Store

About the author: Awais Imran is working as a Growth Engineer for Jumpshare ( By night, he runs Windows Clan ( – a Windows tutorials blog. Ironically, he is a hardcore Apple enthusiast. Awais is also an occasional public speaker on personal growth and professional blogging.

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