Making use of an Original iPad?

We are now the proud owners of three generations of iPads, original, iPad 3 and iPad Air 2. The kids use the iPad 3 daily as a gaming device(educational!) to watch kids TV Etc etc. the air 2 is my baby and is protected from sticky fingers at all times! The original iPad has sat on a shelf for some time and I felt bad! I was determined to use it, so I bought a dock and modded the dock so it would not mute the sound when plugged in. I was really pleased with the look of this in the kitchen and imagined watching TV or listening to radio whilst cooking.’

BUT, it is just soooooooooo slllloooooooowwwwww. Both chrome and safari crawl along when accessing Internet TV, or even radio. Has Internet content become so much more high def since the iPad was launched? Am I missing a trick? How can it be so bad? I know it is five years old, but surely web content should still work?

Anyone else still using an original?

Would jailbreaking help?

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