Messages for WhatsApp (OS X)

Ever wanted to use WhatsApp on your desktop computer? Well now you can with this unofficial, third party-app Messages for WhatsApp.

For a while now people could use the official web version of WhatsApp Messenger located at to chat with anyone. This was already great news for any WhatsApp addict out there. Now we took it one step further, we created a native application shell around this web version that makes it truly easy to use on any Mac computer.

Doing so we were able to add some native functionality to the web version. Now you can simply put the application Messages for WhatsApp in your dock and run it directly from there. You can resize the window, hide it, take it full screen just like any other application and while it’s hidden in the background you are still able to receive chat notifications. This way you can still follow the conversations while you are working without the need to have the app to be visible. In fact, you can also reply straight from the notification so you don’t even need to open the app to reply. If you missed any notification that’s okay, the badge icon on the application will tell you how many messages are still unread.

Getting media such as photo’s from your desktop into the conversation is also insanely easy. Just drag and drop the photo from your desktop into the conversation and send it. It can also be done the other way around, but unfortunately not with the same ease (yet). You first need to click on the image and when it comes forward you can then drag the image to your desktop, but once you get used to that it works really fast as well.

We think we did a great job and truly added value to the browser experience, we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do. If you have any feature request, suggestion or ideas please let us know your thoughts.

Messages for WhatsApp VERSIE 1.0

Price : € 1,99 Mac App Store link:

Support link:

NOTE: We are aware that in v1.0 images have some trouble loading properly. This is fixed in version 1.1 and already in review so bear with us.


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