The fact that the Apple Watch is not even available yet in every country does not stop rumors and speculations about the upcoming second generation of it. The well known german designer Eric Huismann has now created a very interesting concept of how the Apple Watch 2 might look like.

It suggests an overall similar design, that has been made a bit thinner and includes a bigger display. The screen has also rounded edges to provide a seamless transition to the bezel. Besides the 38mm and 42mm version, there is also a 45mm version to fit even more styles and tastes.

Furthermore the watch features a built in camera that makes FaceTime and Selfies on the watch possible. As far as the bands are concerned, the designer suggests directly imbedded sensors for blood pressure and body temperature. These sensors are integrated right into the pin of the band and therefore invisibly while wearing the watch. In the end the concept does provide a good look on what Apple could release next year.

Designed by Eric Huismann / Source:

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