Notifications bug affects iOS 8.3 users

Apple’s software engineers have been made aware of an apparent bug affecting notifications for of the native Mail application in iOS 8.3. The bug presents itself when users enable “banner” notifications for mail messages. Unlike previous versions of iOS, banner notifications for Mail now contain a preview of the entire message, even with the “show previews” setting toggled to off.

The scope of this bug appears to be widespread, though it’s unclear how many users are actually affected. Users have reported experiencing this bug on both iPhone and iPad. However, because banners are turned off under the default notification settings for mail, most users would not be aware of the issue.

The author of this post was able to reproduce the bug on several devices, including an iPhone 5, an iPhone 6, and a The New iPad. Yesterday evening, I was able to speak Angela [Redacted], an iOS Senior Advisor at Apple Care about this bug. Angela told me that while she had not previously been aware of the notifications bug, she was able to reproduce it on her own device after I explained the problem to her.

The notifications bug is the latest in a series of flaws introduced into iOS through updates. After installing iOS 8.2, many users reported that they were unable to use the Safari mobile browser. Previously, other users reported that their devices were “bricked” after attempting to install iOS 8.1.

It remains to be seen how soon this latest bug will be corrected. Some experts expect iOS 8.4 to be issued on or soon after the Apple Watch release date of April 24, though it is questionable whether a fix could be included by that time.

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