NUM – Insanely Hard Math Game for iOS

NUM Insanely Hard Math Game

NUM is a fun and insanely challenging math game on iOS. The game had gone through more than six versions and many releases for ten months. After a lot of considerations in every detail, NUM was finally published to everyone in Nov 4, 2014. In 24 hours, it was featured and upvoted for more than 100 times on ProductHunt:

As the thrive of smartphones and calculators, math is merely forgotten even in school. NUM wants to tackle this problem by improving everyone’s basic math skills  (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) with the friendliest experience plus awesome game play. It is designed for both adults and kids.

How To Play

  1. Given random 6 numbers and 1 target number
  2. Use 2 or more of those 6 numbers to calculate
  3. Try to match the target number before the time is up

Game Play

Game Play


  • Each number can only be used once
  • All numbers must be positiveNUM Logo and divisible
  • Users can delete numbers if they make a mistake

More Info

NUM available on iPhone and iPad

NUM available on iPhone and iPad

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