ONDiGO Mobile CRM has developed an innovative way to build a customer database on-the-go with Zero data entry required.

With One-tap after-call actions it’s now easier than ever to set a follow up, a task, create a meeting, or attach files.

ONDiGO automatically captures all of the customer interactions you conduct on your mobile phone (calls, text-messages, calendar events, email messages, notes & tasks, etc..) and logs those interactions for you into your Salesforce account.

Being the first Mobile CRM that truly adapts to the way people actually work nowadays, ONDiGO automatically builds a customer database from daily interactions conducted on mobile devices.

With a stealth beta community of over 10,000 Sales people and business owners worldwide, ONDiGO is becoming the solution for managing customers on-the-go.

Focused on Simplicity, Automation and Design, ONDiGO offers a unique and exciting CRM experience – A CRM that works for you, and not the other way around.

ONDiGO is now available to download on the Apple iTunes store


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