PowerMac G5 Table Project

Hello everyone,

for my new apartment I needed a new table and I always thought about making a custom one out of Macs. About a year ago I read an article about a german designer who up cycled old Apple G5´s to beautiful furniture. Then I saw that you can get the G5´s for under 50 euro in Germany. So I decided two buy two of them and I found some with minimal scratches in the internet.

Well the first two got damaged by the transport company so I had to get some new cases by car. The new PowerMacs even worked! Think about that, I mean they are over 10 years old. And now imagine a windows PC which is 10 years old :)

Well I knew that I want a top desk made out of wood. So i bought a nice one and mounted a second layer underneath the upper desk. That was necessary because the Powermacs alone would be not high enough. The last part was easy. Connecting everything with screws and putting the desk on top of the Macs.

The result can be seen here.

I would be very interested to know your opinion or some comments about my project.

Thanks in advance!

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