Pulse of Earth – the application about earthquakes. With elegant design and a very intuitive interface. You can see in real-time all the seismic activity of the our Planet. Or choose !!any!! day in history. Just set a date – and all earthquake by this day at once will be shown on your screen.

The application has NO ADS, and no any paid subscriptions. That already a rarity these days, yes? The all features in application – !!free!! and ready to use in full power. If you want to help the project – pay the minimum amount for any additional set of pins.

Information on map without any lists or obscure data. It’s simple, very clear and understandable. Where, when and how strong.

Link to the App Strore: https://itunes.apple.com/ua/app/earthquake-pulseearth-maps/id1076181758?mt=8

Also I make page in Facebook with video & photo of this app: https://www.facebook.com/PulseOfEarth/

Best Regards, Dmitry

Pulse of Earth Pulse of Earth Pulse of Earth Pulse of Earth


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