Just under two weeks ago, Power Support, famous for their really awesome screen protector for most Apple devices, announced their newest of cases, the Air Jacket – available for the iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and iPad mini with Retina display. In this article, I will be reviewing and giving my opinion on their iPhone 5s case in black color.


Unlike most cases, the Air Jacket is very low profile and thin, while covering a good majority of the device. The bottom of the iPhone 5s is covered, with a small leeway for the Lighting connector that makes this case compatible with most accessories. The headphone jack also has a small notch for 90º angle connectors, so those shouldn’t be an issue.


The volume rockers and mute switch are left uncovered, but are enclosed around a tapered plastic, to make accessing them a lot easier. The sleep/wake button is the same way. The buttons would be rather hard to press if the taper wasn’t present.

On the back, you have a rather large cutout for the camera and dual-LED flash. While taking photos, not once has the case caused any discoloration in them. One other thing I definitely want to point out is the absence of any kind of branding on the case, which I particularly like. The whole back is one smooth sheet of plastic.


I really like this case. I’ve used many ‘slim’ cases before, but this one takes the cake because not only is it truly slim, but combined with the tapered plastic around the buttons, it makes for a really awesome experience. The lack of any kind of branding is also a huge plus, as a lot of other cases I’ve tried had pretty noticeable logos on the back/or sides of the case. I personally use the Apple EarPods, but I know a lot of users complain about no support for 90º angle connectors in cases. The case also holds up really well to slides on a table, occasional drops from the waist down, and it doesn’t show much wear and tear. While the case can provide protection from day-to-day mishaps, it isn’t going to protect your phone from anything too severe.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a case that not only adds a fair amount of protection to your iPhone, but also a nice sleek look, this case may be for you. The case also comes in a transparent, white, and translucent (black) variant.

You can pick up the Air Jacket on Amazon for $34.95.

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