SleepControl for iOS is the fastest alarm clock in the AppStore, allowing you to set an alarm in literally 3 (!) seconds. It comes together with dedicated battery management features, which were designed to complement the use as an alarm clock:

Do you plug in your iPhone at bedtime? Trickle charge your iPhone over night and increase your battery lifespan with the provided battery maintenance advice. Are you afraid of a loose contact or forgot to plug in? Don’t worry, SleepControl continuously monitors the device’s battery to either wake you up if power drops below a critical level or put the iPhone in a power saving mode to schedule a background alarm.

 SleepControl also features:

 – iTunes integration

 – Background alarms

 – Information about remaining sleep time

 – Information about remaining charge and battery time

 – Flat design, optimized for readability and comfort at low light

 – Customizable colors 

 – Innovation made in Germany


SleepControl (0.99$ introductory offer) is available from November 16th for iPhone and iPod touch:

See SleepControl in action:

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