Despite Apple’s current position as one of the world’s top smartphone makers – their products are still be quite dumb. Siri as a personal assistant has yet to grow into the big girl pants of Cortana, the Windows Phone assistant. She still doesn’t prove to be as helpful as Google Now cards.


#1  Smart Profiles

I dream of a day when Smart Profiles for settings can be found on the iPhone. The profiles would respond to hints of day, time, location, orientation, appointments, maps app settings, etc. to alter settings on your behalf. Home, Work, Public and Car would serve as basic profiles.

Example: At the start of your day your on the Home profile as determined by location: WiFi, Bluetooth, Do not Disturb all on. Portrait Orientation Lock off. Screen Brightness high. Ringer volume at maximum.

As you get into your vehicle, you switch to your Car profile, decoded through day, appointments, and orientation of phone (also third party doors locks, and key fobs would provide more accurate detection): WiFi, Do not Disturb off. Bluetooth and Portrait Orientation Lock on. Screen Brightness dims. Ringer volume lowers signifigantly.

Of course, users would be able to alter the setting changes for each profile, as they please.


#2 Contextual Settings

Wouldn’t it be great if your iPhone could silence itself if you’re in a meeting between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm during the workweek? Or at your daughter’s recital or son’s play?

Contextual settings could use information from the Calendar app and location services to alter the iPhone’s behaviour.

If you add a flight to your Calendar or even through Third Party API’s your phone could turn Airplane mode on prior to departure, and resume connectivity after landing. Of course, if you get caught in bad traffic and don’t make it to the airport in time, your location information will override this behaviour.


#3 Automated Appointments

So you actually use the default Mail app? Well, for those of us using Gmail and Google Calendar – our appointments auto-magically become appointments.

An email confirmation from your dentist becomes an event in the Calendar. Based on your prior location Travel time is estimated. Mode of travel is determined by your default in the Maps app. A linked phone number from the Contacts app is put in the Notes Section.


#4 Logistical Analysis

Your Calendar, Reminders and Notes app sync to suggest times and places to run errands.

Example: You have a Reminder to drop off a parcel at the Post Office. Then you make an appointment with a friend at a café near-by. An event to drop off the parcel is made and a note in the previous appointment at the café, to bring the parcel is added. Then the Alert notification includes the note, so you don’t forget!


#5 Smart Notifications

You have no sense of direction and are constantly looking up directions in your phone. However, your old and dumb car makes the process even easier by saving popular locations like Work and Home. So why can’t your phone help?

Smart Notifications would offer directions to your next appointment alongside the Calendar Alert. You don’t have to take the directions, but they’re just that much easier to get to when needed.

Another example: An iMessage comes in asking if you can meet up at a given time, date and place. Your smart notification automatically shows your calendar for the time and date given – right on the lock screen!

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