We found this interesting project in Indiegogo. I think is a very useful product.

How many time you forgot your cable or the charger in home? or in your office, maybe in a friend house, or you forgot charge your additional battery too…. Many times, right?

uCharger is a good solution fot that!!

    The Micro Usb to lightning adapter that lets you charge your iPhone or iPad with any chargers of another Smartphone providers!

Ulta portable!!!

     You have 4 colors to choose

     How many friend you have with another Smartphone like (Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia, LG, HTC, etc), alot, right?…   The possibility that you use this product is very high. Just you need one uCharger in your keychain and for sure you will use it by itself.

The project is in Indiegogo campaign and you can pre-order for a very low price.

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