Apple release iOS 9 and have one of biggest features, real multitasking with SplitView. This feature is only available for iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4. Too, Apple don’t allow to use two Safari pages at same time with SplitView, but a Spanish developer has launched new app for iPads, called WebPad. WebPad allow to use two Safari webs at same time in new iPads with SplitView. But this app have a great feature, with WebPad you can use two Safari webs at same time using real multitasking in your old iPad that not support SplitView.

Also, WebPad use the Google Chrome technology because the app have a in-app browser that allow users to navigate with the app. The app has 3 functions: 1.- Use in new iPads to two safari webs in Split View 2.- Use in old iPads to have two Safari webs at same time with real multitasking 3.- Use as web navigator using Chrome technology to load fast the webs.

The app is develop by Ruben Fernandez, a Spanish developer, but the app is translated to English, Spanish and Italian, but very soon, in next update the app is localize to German and possible to Chinese.

Now the app is available in App Store and you can install it in you iPad without need Jailbreak (great feature). The app costs $0.99 but soon increases the price because now have promotional price for launch.

You can download it here:


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