iPhone 6 camera

We’ve heard lots of sizes for the camera in the iPhone 6.  I’m wondering how much it matters at this point how many megapixels it has vs. low light functionality or lens or a number of other factors. Honestly, I like small file sizes more than billions of pixels.  But I’ve recently picked up a 4K display and wonder if we will soon need 4K video?

We’ve heard 8MP from the China Post10MP and 12MP from other pubs and there are probably others in the fake rumor pipeline

And don’t forget Sony, who makes the iPhone cameras (at least the one in the back) has 20 Megapixels in its high end cameraphones currently.

But if you look at Apple’s iPhone patterns, they typically only update the cameras in the “S” versions of the iPhone so this one will probably stay at the current 8 megapixel shooter.


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